CD "The Dynotones ‎– Modified!"

DVD "Flake & Flames Overdrive"

4 DVD Boxset of Kustom Kulture
Kustom-made for Kustom Kulture fans, this package delivers 2013’s hit full-length documentary Flake & Flames together along with 3 hours of unreleased new footage featuring 20 new short films of solo interviews, work sessions and more.

  • Main Film with subtitels in English, German, Spanish, French
  • PAL
  • 320 Minutes
  • 4 DVD Box Set

Roll up, as we take you deep into the world of lowbrow art, pinstriping and Kustom Kulture meeting some of its coolest names along the way. If it is wisdom you seek, then you’re about to enter its Temple.

"Must see for everybody who are into the Kustom Kulture and Lowbrow Art scene"
— Wrenched Magazine
Flake & Flames is a fantastic adventure through the Kustom Kulture movement around the globe seeking out the hottest Kustom Kulture spots in the United States (US) and Europe.

If you are new to Kustom Kulture, you will experience the overwhelming creativity that exists behind terms like Low Brow Art, Hot Rods, Customs, and Pinstriping. Those who are familiar with Kustom Kulture will drool in awe and get a privileged look into the private domain of the Kustom Kulture legends of our time.

Some of the world’s best car and motorcycle builders, tattoo artists, pinstripers, custom painters, and pin-up models share their tricks and experience. Artists dedicated to art forms that have traditionally been frowned upon by established society throughout history show you why nothing else can compare.

Featuring Von Franco, Vince Ray, Von Sven, Coop, Doug Dorr, Pekka Wizz, Kutty Noteboom and The Pizz (R.I.P.) and many more, this is one package no fan will want to miss.

Runtime: OVER 4 HOURS!

Directors: Jesper Bram & Dirk Behlau
Director of Photography: Dirk Behlau
Co-Director: Daniel Alban
Filmed by: Jesper Bram & Dirk Behlau
Edited by: Daniel Alban at Kong Gulerod Film
Soundtrack by: The Dynotones, Vince Ray And The Boneshakers, The Go Getters, Brutus, The Bonnevilles, Nitrogods, The Juke Joint Pimps, Troubled Three, Die Zorros, The Monsters and many more…
Language: English
80min. Feature length documentary

The film is an independent production

Material for the film has been shot during 2011, in U.S. & Europe (England, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France)
Released world wide on DVD and VOD in April 2013